Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Plate of Accessories

A beautiful plate full of arm candies! i found that this is a perfect way to store all of my jewellery as to have it hanging on a jewellery stand, its free of dust, and i could easily grab it before i go. and its next to my bedroom door, so the first thing i do when i come back home is to take all of my jewellery of and just dumped it on this plate. 


Jewellery Plate


Details on the Jewellery

and next to this plate i have my everyday perfume which is Laugh With Me Lee Lee by Benefit. it smells divine, fresh with a bit of sensuality. When i choose my perfume i unconsciously drawn towards the woody one. it kinda remind me of a scent of grass and soil after rain, its so calming.. 

If any of you gals have an amazing way to store your jewellery, i would love to see it :)

Please post a response or comment or put a link to your blog.

Happy Blogging!


  1. Hey! Thanks so much for your comment, that you posted already long time ago. I was on a blogging holiday but now "back in business". I absolutely love your jewelry and little beautiful details of yoru home .. Very similar to mine, some of them. Like the glass cover (what's the name..?) and porcelain plates etc.. :)

    Yes I've heard before that my name means "one" in some Asian language, can't remember what..? :) Thanks again for the visit, I hope you stop by again sometime! I have 3 new posts already. xx

    Love, Satu
    Indie by heart