Friday, September 13, 2013

In My Medicine Cabinet

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I have always try to find the perfect beauty product that suit my skin. i have a very high maintenance skin, sometimes it is very dry that it feels like i have a mask on my face, and sometimes it can be very oily depend on the weather. 

in this past few months i have been traveling  a lot it took a toll on my skin. in those times when my skin have been irritatingly dry i used Vaseline on top of my serum it usually work like magic but that does not seems to work anymore that's when i accidentally discover an amazing product when i was on my Japan trip it is the Bioderma Atoderm PP, this stuff work wonder to my dry skin. its very moisturizing yet it doesn't feel oily at all. it only takes one single night use and the next morning my skin feel refreshed like the mask had been lifted off my face, and it is a face and body cream so i used it on my cracked heels as well and now i have no cracked heels no more :)

My next favourite product that im loving is the Embryolisse Eye Cream, it soften the skin around my eyes, i cant wait to use it every night. and i still loved vaseline even though my weird skin refuse to work with it, i still used it for my lips and sometimes for end of my hair. Caudalie Beauty Elixir is another great product, i use it sometimes to refresh my skin during the day (i carry a small bottle with me all the time), or right after shower. 

Anyone know any good day cream please share it with me, i would love to hear your favourite beauty product.


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